Link Organisation Comments Big Dance Lots of free dance events Drayton Manor Theme park with Thomas the Tank Engine rides. Tamworth, Staffordshire Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens Sealife Centres Favourites in London, Brighton and Weymouth What’s my pirate name Upgrade in Touch Transport for London Child Locator Hedgehog Kingdom Pasaje del Terror Piccadilly – But no younger than teenagers Really Kid Friendly Kids in London My blog for All in London on amusing kids in London Talk like a pirate Young London Things for teens to do in London Grey Court School Search engine Ask Jeeves for kids Alton Towers Staffordshire theme park with excellent themed hotels – the Caribbean water hotel (Splash Landings) is fantastic. Childrens BBC BBC Education Tweenies games and fun. Beale Trust A lovely day out near Reading A favourite restaurant in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey. A firm favourite with my three year old. A good selection of games and nice music and graphics. Burger King Good games and competitions. We have downloaded some great games. Create your own newspaper Cruz Shuz Supplier of wheelie trainers Disney Angels Get your party outfits here Great pix and info on lizards, birds etc Stick movies and games for teenagers Fox Kids Educational site Go Ape A great day out swinging through trees. From age 10. Throughout the UK including Bucks and Surrey How stuff works Vote for the cutest kittens. Upload your own kitten shots so they can enter the battle! Duck Tours A great way to learn about London – both on the roads and on The Thames Longleat Although American, this has the rules for lots of kids games. A great antidote to square eyes and too much Playstation! A games site for older children. Reference site for adults on kids. Just Dancing Dance supplies (great range for kids) Some nice on-line games – especially for the younger kids – I like the gnomes collecting leaves. A favourite myth site – well worth a visit to the real site too! Marwell Zoo At the end of the M3 – Another good day out Free games site. My daughter really loves Club Penguin. Teenager heaven. File your profile, send messages to your mates and even create your own web site Greek Mythology. Official Noddy site – really nice for the younger kids. Any Pokemon fan will want to see these dancers. Pink Princess For everything a princess (even grown up ones) needs Planit Kids Nintendo What else! Educational games Nasa Fantastic site for kids of all ages and for teachers – inspires interest in space/astronomy. Nintendo Pollocks Old world museum near Tottenham Court Road. Reviewed in 2012 Like kitten war, but with dogs Ripleys Believe it or Not An odditorium in the West End. Read my review on the KimT blog at All in London Roller Disco My 12 year old boy’s favourite site. Smollenskys A favourite restaurant with music and kids entertainment. Stick movies for older kids. Thames RIB Experience High speed journey down the Thames – great fun! Rain Forest Cafe Although it is a nightmare to get in during the kids holidays and at weekends – this place is well worth a visit. Kids love it! Museum of advertising icons – Toy index is great. Excellent sections on funny pictures and some neat games for older kids Woburn Abbey Lovely day out Wookey Hole Great day out – especially the witch in the cave