I assist clients with content development – from the most strategic levels to the day-to-day tactical.

Strategic content development

Often – as a part of marketing strategy and strategic marketing communications projects – I help clients develop high level content plans.

This might be identifying insights and ideas from market and client analysis. Or it might be commissioning and analysing research for thought leadership campaigns. Sometimes it is working out how to ensure a firm’s positioning and messaging is incorporated into a wide variety of communications campaigns.

Some examples of where I have helped firms with strategic content management:

thought leadership – Rix & Kay later life and care sectors | Kim Tasso

Legal marketing case study – Thomson Snell & Passmore grew a new office from scratch | Kim Tasso

Developing content and writing skills

I provide public training courses on writing for the Professional Marketing Forum (for marketing and business development professionals) and also for MBL (for lawyers, accountants and surveyors). I also provide tailored workshops for in-house purposes for professional service firms. Sometimes these are general writing skills sessions and sometimes these are to consider specific issues such as persuasive writing or writing for pitches and tenders.

Usually, I write a summary of the key themes that emerge during training workshops. Examples are:

Business development writing for lawyers | Kim Tasso

Top persuasive writing tips – Audience, structure and content | Kim Tasso

Sometime the writing workshops are focused on specific aspects of writing such as storytelling. Here’s an example of storytelling for lawyers.

I have also produced short video explainers on writing skills, see, for example:

Seven secrets for great business writing (9 minutes)

Power of three – Writing and presentation basics (8 minutes)

An example of where I provided training workshops on writing: accountancy marketing case study – Haines Watts | Kim Tasso

Help with content writing on a day-to-day basis

Sometimes, firms ask me to help with producing content for day-to-day use as part of their ongoing communications programmes.

In these situations I might work with fee-earners by discussing their aims, target markets and messages and helping them develop a content management plan. I might help them – through discussion – develop their initial articles, blogs or scripts. This is particularly valuable where fee-earners do not have the time or inclination to produce first drafts.

Sometimes, firms send me articles for editing or aligning with the firm’s brand or a personal brand.


I have also been commissioned to write entire books, technical manuals, guidance documents or chapters of books on a ghost-writing basis. Obviously, I cannot reveal examples of this work!