In June 2012, I released a White Paper called “Apps by UK law, accountancy and property firms – Are we missing the mobile revolution” and wrote a series of articles for the legal, marketing and property media on “Are you App-Aware, Appp-Agmostic or App-Happy?”

I have monitored the introduction of Apps by professional service firms (PSFs) in the legal, accountancy and property markets over the past few years and even built a spread sheet analysing their key features and relative strengths and weaknesses.

I intended to write a blog summarising my preliminary observations and including some guidance for those who are unfamiliar with the planning, project management and technical development processes – and the costs – involved in such a venture.

However, once I started I soon realised that there was considerably more to share than I could realistically present in a blog and so I have produced a 19 page White Paper (please email me if you would like a copy).

Key topics covered include:

  • Early professional firm Apps
  • Property Apps
  • Legal Apps
  • Accountants and tax adviser Apps
  • Professional institutions
  • Current App categories
  • Types of professional firm Apps
  • Professional firm App Grading
  • Potential for other professional service firm Apps
  • App development and costs
  • A strategic vacuum?
  • A way forward?

Fresh01 ( who are recent winners, on behalf of clients Lockheed Martin Corporation for the Second Nature e-learning product, of the Award for Distinction for Interactive Media at the18th Annual Communicator Awards – were kind enough to provide input to the development and costs element of the report.

In short, when I wrote the White Paper, I felt that the professions were seriously missing an opportunity to use App technology to develop new products and services, enhance and differentiate their services to existing clients and to add more value. There are new Apps arriving all the time (There are a number of more recent App reviews in the blog) but there is still a huge opportunity out there.


I do not restrict access to the FAQs but I politely request that you let me know by email and acknowledge the source ( if you wish to use the material anywhere.

As always, if there are particular topics you would like me to address in the future, please let me know. You will also find a source of more and up to date information on a broad range of management and marketing issues in the professions by checking out the blog where I also post regular reviews of books that might be helpful.