As a general introduction to marketing, I would recommend Kotler on Marketing: How to create and dominate markets – you can obtain a review from the articles list.

As a lawyer, accountant or professional you may wish to look at a book that focuses more on professional firms in which case I would recommend the following books:

  • ‘Marketing for Lawyers’
    – Matthew Moore
    – Gazette Practice Handbooks (0-948736-04-6)
  • ‘Marketing Professional Services – A Handbook’
    – Patrick Forsyth
    – Financial Times/Pitman Publishing (0-273-03849-4)
  • ‘Client Management for Solicitors’
    – John H Freeman
    – Cavendish Publishing Limited (1 85941 039 1)
  • ‘Media Relations for Lawyers’
    – Sue Stapely
    – The Law Society (1 85328 291 X)
  • ‘Legal Marketing’
    – Martin Davies
    – Legal Practice Handbook Blackstone Press Limited (1 85431 3762)
  • ‘Marketing Communications for Solicitors’
    – Mark Oglesby
    – Cavendish Publishing Limited (1-874241-19-8)
  • ‘Professional Services Marketing’
    – Neil A Morgan
    – Butterworth Heineman (0-7506-0090-X)
  • ‘Practice Development – Creating the Marketing Mindset’
    – Riskin and McKenna
    – Butterworths (0 409 80636-6)
  • ‘Marketing Professional Services’
    – Philip Kotler and Bloom
    – Prentice Hall Inc (0-13-557620-2)

There is a detailed list of appropriate selling books in my book on Dynamic practice development – Selling skills and techniques for the professions.


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