Ahh. If the answer to this one was simple, we would all be much richer. And less stressed. I took an international group through a number of exercises to help them explore different ways to “create space” either by changing the way they think and act or by getting others to change the way they think and act. Some of the topics we discussed included:

Changing the way YOU do things to improve personal effectiveness:

Time management tools

    • Clarifying goals and expectations (e.g. Atomium exercise, One Minute Manager)
    • Minimising interruptions and distractions
    • Better organisation (e.g. “rocks, stones and pebbles”, Covey’s “Urgent versus important” matrix, action priority matrix)
    • Avoiding procrastination
    • Focus on outputs and results (not inputs)

Client analysis and categorisation

    • 80:20 rule (80% of your work/profits from 20% of your clients)
    • Existing vs. new client development
    • The Diplodocus model
    • Loyalty – “Mercenaries, terrorists, apostles and hostages”
    • Key client dashboards
    • Partner pipelines

Changing the way OTHERS do things to improve the firm’s performance:

Working with others

    • Developing empathy and emotional intelligence
    • Bridging the communication gap
    • Matching behaviours with different personality types

Promoting better relationships

    • Promoting better team working
    • Creating a thinking environment
    • Influencing models
    • Motivation

Management tools

    • Performance management models
    • Project management
    • Working with consultants
    • Delegation
    • Coaching
    • Leadership styles

Doing things differently

    • Service design process
    • Creating new products and services


If you are interested in these topics – and would like to help with helping people develop in these areas or in tools and exercises that might help, please get in touch.


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