As a substantial part of my coaching work includes career coaching and counselling – both for those who are professions in the traditional sense (lawyers, accountants and surveyors) and modern professionals (marketers and business developers) I joined two recent webinars to hear others’ views on career development.

Each webinar was good in its own way although they tackled rather different topics – management and partnership. 

Chartered Manager: Open University Business School (OUBS) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

As an OUBS alumni, I am always interested to hear what they are offering – I’ve always been impressed in the past. This webinar focused on a partnership between OUBS and CMI whereby, as you complete your MBA, you can simultaneously achieve the CMI’s management certificate.

The CMI, established 70 years ago, aims to be the leader in management and leadership (I wonder what the Institute of Directors  thinks about this?). It has 107,000 members and 25,000 students. During the webinar the Management 2020 report was mentioned and also a report on ethics in management .

Some of the points made during the webinar:

  • One in three managers admits to telling a lie each day
  • Three quarters of organisations surveyed admit they lack good management and leadership
  • UK is below USA and Japan in management effectiveness
  • Only one in five UK managers receives formal management training
  • Two thirds of employers offer no management training
  • 11 million working days are lost to stress caused by bad management
  • 75% of people found a coaching style of management led to more engagement and better performance than a commanding style of leadership

To become a Chartered Manager, you need to have:

  • Knowledge (covered by part one of your OUBS MBA programme)
  • Minimum of three years’ management experience
  • Commitment to ethical conduct
  • Continuous learning and development

Those that had completed the Chartered Manager, assessment which can be completed in six weeks (and includes producing a written submission and sessions with a assessing mentor, found:

  • They had more confidence
  • A third were given promotion and further responsibilities
  • 67% met or exceeded the targets they were set

Ark Group Strategic Portfolio Career mapping and planning

This session was focused on lawyers – and particularly on partners. It considered a number of topics including:

  • Changing legal market and law firm structures
  • Demographic and retirement changes
  • Talent and alumni management

Some of the ideas explored included:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Succession planning and client handover
  • Moving from lawyer roles into management
  • Profile raising with business and practice development
  • Non-executive directorships and trustees
  • Remuneration, de-equitisation and pensions
  • Opportunities and innovation within ABS structures
  • Performance management and KPIs
  • Portfolio careers (in the true Charles Handy sense)