Think very hard about pursuing a career in professional services marketing – there are many easier ways to make a living! Marketing within a partnership, and/or professional environment takes a lot of patience – although the financial rewards can be good and it is one of the most intellectually stimulating environments.

Seriously, the professions have lots of people with knowledge in their profession so what they need is good marketing knowledge and experience. You should have a marketing qualification (go to the section on education and training) and, ideally, a higher business qualification.

I would strongly recommend that you spend some time talking to both partners and marketers who are involved in marketing in the professions. There are a number of good networking groups where this can be achieved – for example, Marketing Partners Forum, Professional Services Marketing Group and Profile – the property marketing networking group. Links to these organisations are in the main links section.

Whilst the most senior positions in professional services marketing might be handled by any number of high quality headhunters, the vast majority of jobs in PSF marketing and business development are handled by the following specialist recruitment and interim contract agencies:


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