There are some sites that I visit regularly because they make my life easier and more interesting. I thought I would share some of them with you. You might want to bookmark the site – I find it a useful when I am travelling around to have all my faves easily to hand no matter whose PC or laptop I am using. It’s a lot of work to keep these lists up to date – and some of the links were added when the site first launched in 2000. However, even my long standing clients tell me that they look forward to new ones being added – particularly in the shopping and leisure section.

In 2010 I added some new categories – restaurants/venues because I visit so many as part of my work doing reviews – further links are in the blogs and writing sections. Single parents and families is also new and you can see my writing on this in the blogs section. And as the creative corner has finally made it to the main menu I thought I’d better start compiling some links in that area too. Client links are now in the clients section.

There is no commercial angle to a site’s inclusion (or exclusion) from this list therefore I accept no responsibility or liability for any problems you encounter. But please let me know if you find any broken links. Or if you think I am missing any really important ones!