In a recent exercise with the Open University (where I did my MBA many, many years ago) I was asked the questions “What is a blog?” and “Why do people blog?”. They found it such a useful discussion that they asked me to film the main points and the result is a short video (less than three minutes) which you might find helpful.

The main points covered are:

  1. You write about something that interests you. So you blog for the intrinsic pleasure of it
  2. To share ‘profound thoughts’.
  3. To share the profound thoughts of a colleague.
  4. It’s easy to do. Self-publishing has come of age.
  5. Social media lets you get your message out to a huge network.
  6. Easily shared content starts a conversation.
  7. You connect with new people.
  8. It helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – that’s the whole inbound marketing debate

They also produced a rather splendid mind map diagram of the reasons


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