My passion for writing pervades all aspect of my life. There are many publications by Kim Tasso. Much of my work doesn’t bear my name in the publications, web sites and blogs of my clients. But I have published a fair amount in my own name. This section describes the materials that I have had published in traditional media whereas the blogs section guides you through my on-line and more regularly updated content.


I have written seven books – please click on the link to see more details:

All books are available from Amazon. And I am immensely proud that the EG Books are also available in larger branches of Waterstone’s. Second shelf down and towards the right – that’s my book in Waterstone’s in Piccadilly!
Growing your property partnership in Waterstone’s Piccadilly


I have written hundreds of articles for the property, legal, marketing and other media. They are listed in this section and there are keywords search for you to find the most relevant ones and I will happily send you across copies of those that you are interested in. Copyright issues prevent me from showing them all online – even though I wrote them!


I started my own blog on management and marketing in professional services back in 2008.
For over a decade I wrote three blogs for on events in London, things to do with kids in London and places to take your dog in London.

Other writing

I have written numerous other publications. Most importantly:

You might also find the frequently asked questions a good source of introductory and guidance material and my main blog provides up to date comments and observations.