Are you App-Aware, App-Agnostic or App-Happy?

I have monitored the introduction of Apps by professional service firms (PSFs) in the legal, accountancy and property markets over the past few years and even built a spread sheet analysing their key features and relative strengths and weaknesses.

I intended to write a blog summarising my preliminary observations and including some guidance for those who are unfamiliar with the planning, project management and technical development processes – and the costs – involved in such a venture.

However, once I started I soon realised that there was considerably more to share than I could realistically present in a blog and so I have produced a 19 page White Paper.

Key topics covered include:

  • Early professional firm Apps
  • Property Apps
  • Legal Apps
  • Accountants and tax adviser Apps
  • Professional institutions
  • Current App categories
  • Types of professional firm Apps
  • Professional firm App Grading
  • Potential for other professional service firm Apps
  • App development and costs
  • A strategic vacuum?
  • A way forward?

Fresh01 – recent winners, on behalf of clients Lockheed Martin Corporation for the Second Nature e-learning product, of the Award for Distinction for Interactive Media at the18th Annual Communicator Awards – were kind enough to provide input to the development and costs element of the report. Thanks Guys!

Please email me for a free copy of the White Paper: