It can be difficult for partners and fee-earners to access the sort of training in marketing, selling and client relationship management that they need. They rarely have the foundation experience and knowledge of marketers and the nature of their work means that there are regulations affecting how they might market and sell as well as the inevitable time constraints that they face.

Some of the commercial short courses described in section for marketing students may be relevant although I would strongly urge you to consider using only those providers who have a good understanding of the professions.

I should also mention the MBA for Lawyers programme offered by Nottingham Business School. In essence, it is an MBA which has been tailored to the needs of managing a professional practice. Although there is much merit in this approach, there is also an argument for lawyers and other professionals to do a mainstream MBA – to increase their understanding of and exposure to real business problems (which increases empathy with their clients) and to broaden their contact base – a key benefit of an MBA is the opportunity to work with and learn from people in a variety of different roles, organisations and industries.

Also, having spent many years delivering consultancy and training to partners and fee-earners in legal, accounting and property partnerships, I tried to provide as much management knowledge (including on marketing, selling and relationship management) – applicable to professional partnerships in a book Growing your property partnership – Plans, promotion and people. Now whilst it aimed primarily at property partnerships the principles and ideas (and case studies) apply equally to legal and accounting practices so this might prove a useful starting point.

You should also consider the consultancy, training and coaching services that I provide which are described in the consultancy services section. Have a look at the publications section for the books that I have written for selling in the professions and on media relations. The frequently asked questions section also contains lots of practical guidance for partners and fee-earners and the blog provides up to the minute observations.

If you would like to talk through the options available please drop me an email and I will do my best to help.