As well as my main business and management blog – “Management and marketing in the professions” – I also write a number of regular blogs for others (three for and occasional guest blogs for others. This page provides the quick links. You may also find useful information in Kim Tasso’s FAQ

Management and marketing in the professions

My main blog – which I started back in June 2008, contains observations and ideas on the management and marketing of professional service firms (legal, accountancy and surveying). I usually provide new updates at least once a week and a host of topics are covered. The tag cloud should help you find what you are looking for.

KimT – Kids in London

I started the KimT blog for All in London (two million visitors) on things to do with children in London back in May 2007. It remains a popular site and encourages me to get and about and do things that many grown ups probably wish they could do if they had a child available as an excuse.

MayB – Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

This All in London blog, started in December 2007, contains reviews of the plays, musicals and other activities in London that I am asked to review. Sometimes I also write about the restaurants and pubs that I am asked to review.

For both KimT and MayB I have a special responsibility for writing about things in West London. So please let me know if there are things that I should cover.

London Dog Blog

This All in London blog – started in January 2012 – follows Alfie (a long haired Chihuahua) on his visits in and around London – finding out where’s dog friendly and fun for dogs (and their owners).

Restaurant and pub reviews

Anything that you see written by KimT in the extensive library of restaurant reviews and pub reviews at All in London were written by yours truly.

You can also find the links to a large number of the most recent restaurants and pubs I have been to review in the favourite web links – restaurant and venues section

Single parents

Along with two other single parents, I write a monthly article for the wikizine of wikivorce (helping you through a breakup) on various issues and themes for single parents.

Guest blogs

I am often asked to write guest blogs for other organisation’s blogs – and have done so in the past for – the Web-Based Estate Agent Software for Residential Sales and Letting Agencies and many of my client blogs.

What’s a blog and why do it?

Here’s a short video (and a mind map) explaining what a blog is and why you might want to participate in blogging.

Please let me know if you would like me to write for your blog.