(Updated December 2014)

History of this site

This web site was originally launched back in May 2000, and whilst it was much admired for its design and content it was criticised for being in frames and therefore difficult to navigate and share and, of course, unfriendly to the search engines.

In September 2010, I launched a new version that didn’t use frames and had a new structure and navigation. You’ll notice I consolidated information on things like my BiographyCurrent consultancy themesWritingSpeaking and lecturingGallery and Favourite web links into the About Kim section. The visitor statistics would seem to indicate that the “new” site is just as popular. However, as I am sure you will appreciate, I probably invest more time writing Blogs than I do updating the core information. So now I do a major update of the static content about twice a year.

During 2012 I changed the brand identity and so the site underwent a major refresh then to reflect the new “stars” imagery. And in summer 2013 I worked with Fresh01 web designers to transfer the site into WordPress. So at last I have my own content management system so there’s really no excuse not to update it more regularly!

2014 major content changes

I continue to write my own Blogs on management and marketing in the professions which I started in June 2008 – I posted over 80 in 2014 as well as writing guest blogs for others. There are also links to some of the other blogs that I write: KimT – Kids in London at All in London on what to do with small people in the capital has been running since May 2007 and life in London, which focuses more on London stuff for grown ups has been running since December 2007. In 2012 I started the London Dog Blog too – and it’s extremely popular amongst the dog loving community.

Consultancy – As the work that I do constantly adapts to the changing demands of firms in the legal, accountancy and property professions so I have updated this section to properly reflect the diverse nature of the work that I do and the services I provide. There has recently been more work beyond the professions so check out the clients links.

FAQs – There are many new FAQs on new topics – and I have retained the older ones spanning back to May 2000. I have been asked to rewrite some of my most popular Blogs entries as FAQs so that they are more easily accessible. Strategy, business development, selling, relationship management, training/coaching and social media are the most common areas where people seek guidance at the moment. The latest ones are as follows:

Favourite links – This is now accessed via the About Kim section. I have painstakingly added another 100 or so business and personal links to the sites that I find most interesting and useful. To reflect all the work that I do reviewing restaurants, there’s a new section on restaurant and venues. I’ve expanded Kids to cover kids and parenting and also started a new category on West London. Increasingly, third parties are asking me to include links to their sites here (presumably for SEO purposes). Whilst I do a quick check of them, and only include those that I think will be of value, their inclusion doesn’t necessarily mean that they are recommended!

Please email me if you have trouble finding anything on the site, or if you would like to see additional or new information on the site in future.