Happy New Year! 2013 has arrived.

Perhaps, like me, you spent some of the break having a think about your plans for the future. More about this in due course.

The other thing we do when presented with some of that rare time when clients are not clamouring for our attention is to review all those things that we had planned to do in the past but hadn’t quite gotten around to. We are all guilty!

So I am starting the year with a series of blogs – some on snippets of information that I thought were interesting – and others on more substantial pieces of work which I hope will have value for a number of my clients and contacts.

So with apologies for the delay in the more news-oriented reports, I shall start the year with a burst of belated blogging. And then I intend to tackle the long overdue challenge of updating the time critical elements of this web site. Yes, new photos have been taken – I’ve just got to write the content now!

I look forward to conversing with you in person soon but drop me a line (kim@kimtasso.com) or pick up the phone if there’s anything you want to say in the meantime.

Kim Tasso