I am still receiving additional material to supplement  the White Paper (Apps by UK law, accountancy and property firms – Are we missing the digital revolution?) http://kimtasso.com/white-paper-apps-by-uk-law-accountancy-and-property-firms-are-we-missing-the-mobile-revolution

Thanks to Samantha Davies, National Marketing Manager Haines Watts, for this case study.

Here is the link to the app on their website http://www.hwca.com/clients/tax-publications/tax-rates-app/

“We launched the UK tax rates app in March 2011 following the Budget.  There was no other UK tax rates app on the market at that time so it was the first of its kind.  There were some very basic calculator apps on the market but nothing that detailed the majority of UK tax rates.

The objective of the app was to make our clients, business owners, FD and Financial Controllers lives easier by giving them tax rate information at their fingertips.  We have always sent out tax cards and tax for people to refer to.  We know that clients use these throughout the year, but with tax rates being changed by Government often more than once a year, the app enables us to ensure the information is always up to date and correct.

Around six months after the launch of the iPhone app we launched the Android version as well.  So far we have had around 14,000 downloads of the two apps.

This year we updated the app to include more tax rate categories, we also now include not only this years’ tax rates but the previous years’ tax rates as these can often be important also.  This year we also added business news to the app and better Haines Watts office contact points (with the ability to use call and email buttons as well as use the Google maps facility to find a Haines Watts office location).

We have decided not to develop the app for other platforms as we have also developed and launched our mobile website this year, where tax rates are also contained and can be accessed by any smartphone.   The mobile website allows us to put even more information at the fingertips of business owners in an easy to navigate format.  Again we were the first top 20 firm to launch a mobile website in the UK!  Calculators are being added to the mobile website in the coming months and we will decide whether to incorporate these into the app as well or just keep the app simple to cover the tax rates.”