October 4, 2012|Kim's Blog, Lawyers|

I wrote about the outsourcing reference App from Stephenson Harwood back in August http://kimtasso.com/outsourcing-app-by-stephenson-harwood-solicitors and was promptly alerted to this one from a US law firm (which has offices Old Broad Street in London and also in the Far and Middle East).

Now I’m no expert at outsourcing but this one looks pretty good. The bright red entry menu offers the following calculator options to take you through its patented visual methodology:

  • Down time
  • Availability
  • Credits
  • CoLA
  • Reference

Each screen has percentage, rates and sensitivity sliders as well as frequency options (year, quarter, month) which enable you to adjust different measures and rates and see the immediate impact on the total amount. No doubt a valuable tool when you are negotiating.

In the reference section, the glossary and acronyms tables are extensive and there’s a link to the SourcingSpeak blog which appears to be updated quite frequently.  The inflation indices (6 pages), country (13) and supplier (14) sections use that neat page swipe so popular with e-books.

It would be interesting to hear from someone who uses it in anger…

(The App White Paper is described here: http://kimtasso.com/white-paper-apps-by-uk-law-accountancy-and-property-firms-are-we-missing-the-mobile-revolution)