Using Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard as a business planning tool

Most people who have completed management studies or an MBA will be familiar with this model. But there are a couple of professional practices that I work with who have used it in anger and have effectively built their integrated firm business plan, departmental business plans and individual partner plans Read More

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Law Firm Strategy – Are law firm leaders in denial about the perfect storm or hanging on for the final big catch?

An article on law firm strategy written recently by myself (Kim Tasso, management consultant in professional services) and Roger Bell (a strategy consultant for listed companies). Please note that the George Clooney references were my idea ! Whilst the media focuses on the latest development in the onslaught of change facing Read More

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What makes a good marketing campaign?

What makes a good marketing campaign? In my capacity as a judge in the MPF (Managing Partners Forum) Awards “Best Marketing Campaign” category (see I had the pleasure today of reviewing the short listed entries along with my fellow category judge in advance of the imminent judges’ dinner to Read More

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