Book review: “Leadership transformed – how ordinary managers become extraordinary leaders” by Dr Peter Fuda

I read this book a while ago but have mentioned it to several people (leaders) recently during coaching programmes so thought I’d write a short review to encourage them to read it. The book, which is based doctoral research using 360 degree feedback (Leadership/Impact instrument – a registered trademark of Read More

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What are the essential skills for modern marketers?

I was interested to see the Econsultancy research infographic on the essential skills for modern marketers back in May – especially when compared to the recently launched new Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) standards: which is summarised as follows: Core Technical Behaviours Insights Reputation,   risk and compliance Commercially Read More

2014-07-29T15:41:41+01:00July 29, 2014|Kim's Blog, Marketing, Statistics and trends, Strategy|

Views on the new marketing standards from CIM?

Most people know that I have been a staunch supporter of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the past. Call me a Luddite but I really liked the old CIM marketing standards (see above). They gave a clear picture of what marketers were expected to know and be able Read More

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10 practical tips for fee and price negotiations

As part of the conflict management training courses and coaching I provide, I have just updated the 40 page resource “Guide to effective communication, conflict management and negotiation for smoother relationships and better outcomes” that I provide to delegates and coaching clients. Whilst much of the training focuses on influence, Read More

We’re all change managers in professional services

At a recent in-house training workshop on “Communication, conflict and negotiation” I explained about different personality, cognitive and relationship styles – and the mind set of fee-earning professionals. We considered how to adapt our approach so that we could create rapport and trust and forge strong relationships with fee-earners. This, Read More

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