Probably a third of my time is spent coaching and training.


For over two decades I have provided tailored experiential training workshops on an inhouse basis for clients or on open, public courses through commercial providers. Sometimes I am asked to help with training needs analysis before a learning and development programme is developed.

I provide courses for marketing and business development professionals through the Professional Marketing Forum  where I have been lead trainer for 20 years having developed and delivered over 20 different courses. I regularly develop new courses to address emerging needs. I was also a part-time lecturer on professional qualifications for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for many years through two different colleges.

There is a separate section from my previous web site for students.

I frequently provide training for the professionals themselves – accountants, lawyers and surveyors. Public courses are available through MBL  – and previously through CLT.

The range of topics for which I provide training is diverse.

I usually write a short blog or longer article about the main themes arising in public courses and you can explore these using the search or tag cloud.

You might also like to look at the 2020 publication “Essential soft skills for lawyers”.


As a professionally-qualified coach, I often follow up training programmes with group and one-to-one coaching to enhance the learning experience and ensure that there is confidence and performance improvement.

More information on my coaching services is shown here. I also provide training courses on coaching skills – here is a recent summary of a session.

Here’s a short video introducing three coaching techniques.

This article addresses my business development coaching services.


Clients often ask me to help design and facilitate partner and strategy away days and other team events.

I work with the business leaders to clarify the aims and expected outcomes, to familiarise myself with the firm and its culture and people and design interactive, productive and enjoyable experiences.

Whilst these events are usually in face-to-face environments, during the Covid pandemic I have become asked to deliver these sessions using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Adobe Connect.

Here’s an article on basic facilitation skills. 


My qualifications and background in psychology is relevant for my coaching, training and facilitating work.