Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management: A Guide for Lawyers

I’m spending my summer months writing a short (around 20,000 words) booklet which is designed to be a pragmatic guide for lawyers on Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management. It will address approaches for both firms and individual lawyers. Digital marketing, social selling and online relationship management are the main themes – but integrated into a marketing and business development plan. Publication is expected in November 2018.

The booklet provides a practical introduction to social media for lawyers. By avoiding technical details and jargon, it offers a pragmatic guide on how all lawyers – irrespective of industry sector, firm size or client base – can successfully integrate social media into their marketing, business development and client relationship management programmes.

Containing essential information on the benefits and risks of social media in the legal sector and how to manage them, it examines the social media platforms used by many law firms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) and gives an overview of those less frequently used – enabling lawyers to make an informed choice.

As well as featuring practical advice for setting up and using social media as an integral part of a lawyer’s business development activity, it also offers guidance on:

  • how to write great blogs and social media posts; and
  • how to integrate social media into a structured content management plan that supports business development objectives.

It also addresses how central systems, technology and support can be used to ensure that social media plays an effective part of a firm’s business development programmes. So, in addition to lawyers, it will useful to marketing and human resource professionals in law firms who want to ensure the effective and sustainable use of social media.

If you or your law firm (solicitors, barristers or patent attorneys) would like to be included as a short case study (with your approval before publishing) please email me at

Preliminary overview of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The business case for social media
    • Benefits of social media
    • Risks in social media (and how to avoid them)
  • Overview of the common platforms
  • Develop a plan
    • Firm and practice groups
    • Individual lawyers
  • Use LinkedIn
    • Overview
    • Company account and profile
    • Lawyer account and profile
    • Build your profile – step by step (including settings)
    • Make connections
    • Like, comment upon and share others’ material
    • Use messaging and InMail
    • Write status updates
    • Endorsements and recommendations
    • Publish articles
    • Use groups
    • Advertising
  • Use Twitter
    • Overview
    • Company and team accounts and profile
    • Individual accounts
    • Use public and private lists
    • Tweeting, retweeting and commenting
    • Hashtags and live tweeting at events (including tweet walls and Periscope)
  • Use Facebook
    • Overview
    • Company, community and individual pages
    • Groups and interaction
    • Moderating
  • Blogging
    • General guidelines
    • Writing tips (include emotion, engagement and embedding)
    • Effective titles
  • Content development and management
  • Central management
    • Policies
    • Brand, style and tone of voice
    • Analytics and monitoring effectiveness
    • Training and support
    • Disaster recovery plans
    • Tools to support management

To order a copy of the £35 book (ISBN: 9781787422360) – please visit

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