Clients often ask me to help design and facilitate partner and strategy away days and other team events. I provide facilitation services.

I work with the business leaders to clarify the aims and expected outcomes, to familiarise myself with the firm and its culture and people and design interactive, productive and enjoyable experiences.

Depending on requirements and delegates, facilitation will include:

  • Preparing and analysing advance preparation
  • Personality and team assessments to improve collaboration
  • Research and analysis of key industry, market, client or firm information
  • Briefing and guiding those responsible for delivering specific sessions
  • Designing break out exercises and report back sessions
  • Polls and brainstorming sessions
  • Debates and votes
  • Interactive exercises to help with relationships, team bonding and applying new knowledge and skills
  • Preparing summaries of key interactions and decisions

Understanding the different personalities involved is supported by my training in psychology.  And I often provide support in over-coming personality differences and managing conflict.

Whilst these events are usually in face-to-face environments, during the Covid pandemic I have become asked to deliver these sessions using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Adobe Connect.

There’s an article on basic facilitation skills

And one on more advanced facilitation skills which I called “Herding cats”.

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