I sent this information as a mailer to my clients and contacts recently and the feedback was really positive. Some suggested I should publish it as a blog post so that it could be seen by more people. So here is an article on resources to help you deal with difficult interactions.

We have lots of “difficult” interactions

We are often required to manage “difficult” interactions. Some estimates suggest that 25% of a leader’s time is spent dealing with conflict. I’ve been called upon recently to help clients resolve various “difficulties”– between business owners, board members and team colleagues. I draw on a range of business skills and psychology/counselling training to do this.
So I thought it might be helpful to share some resources to build your knowledge and “soft” skills to help you deal more effectively with “difficult” interactions.

Videos to help you deal with difficult interactions

A couple of my more recent short videos have summarised models to help understand, reduce and manage conflict:

Articles on dealing with difficult interactions

Book reviews addressing difficult interactions and conflict resolution

Please let me know what resources you use to help you deal with “difficult” interactions.