During 2013 I returned to the United States and Germany and visited Iceland for the first time.

I am lucky that my work has taken me to all sorts of interesting places around the world. During the early 2000s I was in Copenhagen, Paris, Lille, Milan, Barcelona, Austria and Warsaw. More recently I have worked in Prague.
There are some photos below from Boston – where I have worked several times, but have also returned for pleasure on a number of occasions. Much longer ago, I went to Pakistan and spent time in Islamabad and Lahore.
And when I go way back to my time in the computer industry – I used to travel out to Paris a couple of times every week for several months. Sadly, as a result of all the time spent there then, it’s just not somewhere I want to return to any more.

Florida, United States 2013

Iceland and Frankfurt 2013

Thailand 2012

Italy, Almalfi 2011

St Lucia 2010

Malta and Sicily 2009

Italy (Rome, Florence, Assisi and Sienna) 2009

Antigua 2008

In summer 2008 we went to Antigua and had a fantastic time, thanks to my friend Sharon there and her family.

 Sardinia and Crete 2006-2007

In 2006 I spent some time in Sardinia – to the North of the island this time. In summer 2007 I went to Crete which was lovely although there was a rather awful cat attack.

Barcelona 2006

As it’s the current home of the kids’ father, they get to go regularly now. But back in 2008 it was all new and exciting for them.

 Fuerta Ventura 2004

In the summer we ventured out to Fuerta Ventura in the Canary Islands and rode camels, learned to dive and had our hair braided.

 Mexico 2003

There are so many wonderful memories of this holiday that there’s a separate page in the “Out of Hours” section on it. As well as some deep sea fishing (we caught snappers and tuna), we swam with baby dolphins and spent time diving in the natural lagoon at Xel-Ha Lagoon (Eco-park, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo). We climbed Mayan pyramids at Coba and got caught in a Monsoon-like downpour. We also did some amazing zip lining across open cenotes, rapelling into bat filled underground caves, trekking through tarantula infested jungles as well as some kayaking to spend time in an authentic Mayan village.

 San Francisco 2003

It was a real treat to spend New Year’s Eve sailing around the Bay! We stayed in a fantastic hotel on Nob Hill. I tried to go out running each day – but those hills beat me.

Japan 2002

I am still reflecting on my trip to Japan (Osaka, Tokyo, Toba, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Nara, Hakone and Nagoya) – which was well in advance of the football fans! I rode the bullet train, ate all manner of weird and wonderful things and I got to spend time being serene (yeah right!) on Mount Fuji. There are so many amazing things to share – but my many photos were taken on pre-digital cameras so you’ll have to come and browse them with me if you want to see more. I will never forget the quiet beauty of Happoen gardens in Tokyo, the stunning sea views and the pearl divers in Toba, the friendly deer in Nara and the smell of cooking eels on Mount Fuji. I was moved to tears at the Zojo-ji Temple & Shiba Park, Tokyo – it is a very special place where you remember children lost either as miscarriages or as stillbirths.



Boston – Numerous times during 1990s and 2000s

I first went to Boston on business – and loved it so much that I returned on a number of occasions for pleasure. I’ve done whale watching and partied hard at Province Town as well as eaten a huge amount of lobster and crab. I’ve explored the surrounding areas – loved Marble Head but was disappointed with Salam. But most important of all, apparently my Native American ancestors come from the region – I’m still searching to find my real tribe.


Meeting my ancestors near Bosto



Barbados – Numerous times 1998-2002

I had family once in Barbados and consequently used to visit a couple of times each year. I remember so many places – and so many people – with great fondness. I was lucky enough to stay at the Sandy Lane Hotel but felt most happiness admiring the views from the top of Farley Hill, watching the massive waves on the East Coast Congar Bay, feeding giant fish and mongooses at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (snowy egrets on the mangrove swamps!) and walking through the plains at Chancery Lane to the stunning Long Beach. I enjoyed unforgettable New Year’s Eves at both The Royal Westmoreland and partying at The Carib Beach bar. My favourite restaurants are Villa Nova in the middle of the rainforest, eating pepper pot at Brown Sugar and the sea views at The Lone Star. Please let me know if you want some ideas of the best places to visit that might be a little off the tourist trail.