June 17, 2009|Kim's Blog|
As I passed by a City pub I noticed a folded £10 note on the window ledge. I looked around and no one was about. So I picked it with the intention of taking it inside to the pub owners in case the unlucky owner came back to claim it.

Imagine my surprise when I unfolded it to see that it was actually a promotional card for a local barbers.

The large letters announced “We give FREE COLD BEER and haircuts that may give you SEX appeal”

and provides “Top ten reasons we should be your barber”:

10. We cut hair
9. You have hair
8. When we cut your hair you get a free beer
7. We enjoy cutting hair and it shows
6. A free beer
5. We have a sense of humour
4. A free beer
3. You can join our secret handshake club
2. A free beer
1. A top quality haircut and 15% discount with this flyer

Well, it made me smile.