February 24, 2010|Kim's Blog, Social Media|

It started with a simple Tweet – just six words (“Single dads idolised, single mums despised”) in a moment of frustration at how single mums fare so much worse than single dads. I had a Twitter exchange with a number of folk and was encouraged to write a comic piece for the wonderful site www.onlydads.org and you can see the article there: http://bit.ly/5VRrly

More tweets followed as the link was tweeted and then retweeted. More Twitter exchanges as the debate raged on and more new like-minded friends discovered. Then a media pal – who happens to be an editor – dropped me a line on LinkedIn so say how she liked the piece and had been wondering about incorporating some of the thoughts in a forthcoming feature on the challenges faced by working parents.

I offered to write something and it duly appeared as an opinion piece in The Lawyer on 15 February 2010 (http://bit.ly/9xzaWx). I received several emails (some from people I hadn’t heard from for ages) about the article. Then I was made aware (through Google Alerts) that it had been picked up by The Wall Street Journal blog (http://bit.ly/ckVBzw) where it promoted further lively online debate.

Now I have been invited by www.wikizine.com – the magazine of the divorce site www.wikivorce.com – to contribute to a regular column with two other single parents about the highs and lows of single parenting.

I love social media!