(which are true and which are false?)

I spent my 40th birthday trying to be serene on Mount Fuji in Japan
I appeared on a Whitesnake rock DVD in 2006
As a teenager, I was paid for writing comedy scripts which appeared on the children’s television series You must be joking! and Pauline’s Quirks
Early in my career, I was short-listed as one of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Woman of achievement
I have a tattoo on my right shoulder relating to a property development in the City of London
As a school girl, I played for Fulham Football Club’s ladies team
I appeared on CNN television – alongside the Prime Minister of Barbados – having flown on the penultimate flight on Concorde
For many years I gave much time to running a cub scout pack and to voluntary work providing telephone support for those in distress
I have swam with dolphins
I once dated an abstract expressionist artist
I was invited to join Mensa – the society for intelligent people