Family Law – Working dads at City Fathers

Posted on: September 10, 2014

I have a long association with the single father organisations Onlydads (see, for example the Westminster Fathers debate and also the research into the cost of divorce . Dadshouse is a related organisation for single dads.

So I was interested to see that a new members and networking group called City Fathers launched earlier this year with research into the views of 750 working dads which found that:

  • 44% rated missing their children as the biggest challenge they face as working fathers
  • 29% took no paternity leave or did not take their full entitlement
  • 33% ruled out shared parental leave

It seems that working mums and working dads have similar issues when it comes to combining work and family life – even with employment law trying to make it easier.

There’s also a number of blogs giving insight into the lives of working dads


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