Much of my work centres around helping firms to improve the effectiveness of their marketing, business development, selling and client development.

The projects I undertake here will vary enormously on the size of the firm, the sector it is in and where it is in terms of marketing sophistication. For example, for many firms I have spent some time with them to undertake a strategic marketing audit – analysing external and internal information, talking to partners and staff and comparing market opportunities – to produce a strategic framework for the future.

For some, I have reviewed the operations and effectiveness of their existing marketing and BD teams and helped to shape and develop them in a way that better supported the firm’s aspirations.

For others I have completed projects looking at a particular problem area – for example, establishing a key client management programme, or creating a plan for the successful entry into a new market, or launching a new service or generating more new business enquiries or improving the conversion rate at pitches and tenders.