At the end of November 2013, I submitted the 65,000 word manuscript to Legal Monitor for my fourth book. Whilst there are a number of existing books on business development for lawyers this one is different for a number of reasons:

  • For all shapes and sizes of lawyers – whether you are in a large or a small firm and whether you sell commercial legal services to large corporates or consumer services the book addresses your business development needs.
  • Covers all aspects of business development – the book takes you through marketing, selling and relationship management in an integrated way and includes an overview of key selling and account management processes as well as providing tips on key communication and selling skills 
  • Integrates traditional and digital methods – whilst it covers all types of traditional legal marketing methods (networking, conference speaking, article writing, entertaining etc) it also shows how you integrate digital marketing, social media and blogging into your campaign.
  • Draws on over 25 years’ experience – I have been working with solicitors on their business development since 1989 and have worked with over 200 firms and thousands of lawyers. The book synthesises all the best bits. 
  • Avoids management jargon – the book takes you on a journey from analysis and planning through to practical implementation without boring you with management theory and jargon. I’ve written it in the style that I would have conversations during development and performance enhancement coaching sessions with real lawyers.
  • Provides strategic and tactical advice – Effective business development requires analysis and planning and some strategic thought. The book takes lawyers on a step-by-step painless journey through them both. And it helps them integrate their efforts within the strategic context of their firm and department.
  • Shows how support departments help – The second part of the book shows how a lawyer can draw on the help and resources of the finance, human resources, technology and finance teams to reduce the load and fast forward their business development success.
  • Contains links to other resources – As well as signposting blogs where further information on particular topics can be found, there is also a list of recommended books and a jargon-busting glossary

We think the book will be useful for:

  • Senior partners who are considering firm wide programmes to increase the effectiveness of business development amongst their lawyers
  • Partners who are keen to develop their own portfolios and that of their team through more structured business development programmes and campaigns
  • Aspiring partners and other senior lawyers who want to generate new business and grow their reputations and client and referrer networks
  • Those in support departments who want to help lawyers in their business development activities

Here’s more information about the detailed contents of rainmakers and trailblazers

It will be published in February 2014 by Legal Monitor. The cover price is £195 + VAT (there is a £145 pre-publication price up on the website so hurry!). Orders can be made through the following link:

And in case you wondered – I have Native American ancestors and am therefore particularly keen to stress that rainmaking isn’t just about lone braves but about the team work of the entire tribe.

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Oh – and if you are a lawyer who is interested in reviewing the book before it is published please contact me at