April 22, 2009|Kim's Blog, Marketing, Web Sites|

I have just read a great Alumni Briefing Paper on “Non intrusive marketing” (some call this Web 2.0 marketing or Inbound Marketing) from Cambridge Marketing College – www.marketingcollege.com (where I lecture on the marketing communications diploma courses) – it provides a great introduction to the subject.

It explains that non intrusive marketing is about making sure that the right people find your company’s web at the time they are most likely to become a valued client. In essence it means being visible so that the client comes to find the marketer.

It talks about the need to summarise everything on offer in less than 100 words (25 character title and 70 character description in Google whereas 135 characters and an image in Facebook).

The booklet explains – in simple terms – the opportunities with Google. It describes the use of key words, AdWords, Pay Per Click and Pay Per View, AdSense, Analytics and the Google Content Network. And does the same with Facebook – including the use of Groups and Fan Pages to engage with users and obtain direct feedback.

There is a quick review of the other social networks and suggests B2B companies should concentrate on LinkedIn, Plaxo and Xing whilst B2C companies should consider Myspace, Facebook and Windows Live Spaces.