June 17, 2009|Kim's Blog, Lawyers, Marketing|

My working world contains a lot of lawyers. And a number of personal injury lawyers. So imagine my surprise when it entered my non-working world twice in the same morning.

Catching the news on GMTV before leaving the house to travel to London, I saw the Claims Direct television advert from Russell Jones & Walker. Then as a strode across the concourse at Waterloo station a rather serious looking chap thrust a black leaflet in my hand which read:

Qualitysolicitors.com – A new way to make your compensation claim.

Tired of all those terrible television ads for “National-injury-claims-compensation-accidents-direct-online-4U”? Us too. So we decided to do something about it.

Did you know that “claims companies” typically just sell your case details to the highest bidder and then insist on being kept involved in your case even though they are not lawyers?

To spread the word about our service and help put these “claims cowboys” out of business, we’re offering £100 to anyone who recommends our free, specialised claims service to family or friends.