Dealing with difficult people

Psychology and business communication: An introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA)

Psychology offers a lot of tools to improve business communication. Psychology and business communication are frequent themes in my training courses for professionals. As well as topics such as personality, cognitive styles, emotional intelligence and NLP, I provide an introduction to Transactional Analysis in a number of my communication and Read More

2024-07-02T18:50:31+01:00January 9, 2015|Kim's Blog, Management Skills, Relationship Management|

Two big guns of communication – Face-time and reframing

At a recent workshop for “Practical and professional skills for marketing and business development assistants”  I asked the participants for their views on the most important practical tips that they were taking away. They picked two – one might argue obvious - techniques to help them improve their communications with partners Read More

2023-09-23T16:27:32+01:00March 7, 2013|Kim's Blog, Management Skills, Relationship Management, Selling|
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