Dealing with difficult people

Business relationships – How the parent, adult, child (PAC) model helps with difficult interactions (Video)

This short (7 minutes) video introduces Transactional Analysis (TA). Business relationships – How the parent, adult, child (PAC) model helps with difficult interactions. (Video script) Hi, I’m Kim Tasso I’d like to share with you today a psychology concept to help you deal with difficult interactions – both in business Read More

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Be more confident and convey confidence

Confidence arises as an issue in many workshops – whether junior or senior people, whether fee-earners or marketing professionals, whether making a pitch or speaking in public. Confidence and self-confidence are covered in my latest book “Better Business Relationships” In this post, I have summarised some tips to be Read More

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Getting what you want and how to say “No” – Assertiveness skills

In many of the courses I run for the Professional Marketing Forum, the topic of assertiveness arises. Sometimes this relates to people needing the confidence to speak up and share ideas or to challenge requests. Often it relates to finding ways to decline or modify inappropriate requests – how Read More

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Book review: The leader’s guide to negotiation by Simon Horton

I’ve read a lot of books on negotiation. And this 270-page “leader’s guide to negotiation – how to use soft skills to get hard results” by Simon Horton is up there with my favourites. It’s stuffed full of research and useful insights from psychology. It provides a plethora of helpful Read More

Seven top tips for conflict management and negotiation

Conflict – whether internal amongst colleagues or external with clients and suppliers – is an inevitable part of life and I have previously written about conflict management (see, for example and negotiation ( At a recent series of conflict management and negotiation skills workshops with leading property partnerships and Read More

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