I have long been interested in generation differences (in addition to personality, cultural and other ones) amongst both the clients and staff of my professional service clients. So I was pleased when one of my former students sent me a fascinating article from www.trendwatching.com about Generation G.

Generation G “Captures the growing importance of ‘generosity’ as a leading societal and business mindset. As consumers are disgusted with greed and its current dire consequences for the economy—and while that same upheaval has them longing more than ever for institutions that care—the need for more generosity beautifully coincides with the ongoing (and pre-recession) emergence of an online-fueled culture of individuals who share, give, engage, create and collaborate in large numbers”.

The article points out three Generation G trends:
1. Recession and consumer disgust
2. Longing for institutions that care
3. For individuals, giving is already the new taking and sharing is the new giving

They predict increasing popularity for “caring” brands that give more to customers, employers, the environment and social causes and offer eight ways for organisations to join Generation G:

1. Co-donate
2. Eco-generosity
3. Free love
4. Brand butlers
5. Perkonomics
6. Tryvertising
7. Random acts of kindness(RAK)
8. (F)rigid no more