Well, a very “Happy New Year” to you all!

Actually, I spent my New Year’s Eve slaving over a hot keyboard. Yes, I was working while the world was out playing. BUT, I am extremely happy to announce that all 120,000 words of my new (third) book called “Growing your Property Partnership – Plans, People and Promotion” which is to be published by EG Books in April 2009 are now completed. Phew! I need to do some editing still but that will be a pleasure compared to the strain of getting all those words into my PC.

So, at the stroke of midnight I was putting the finishing touches to the chapters on selling and clientology (the science of developing client relationships). Other chapters include: Planning the future shape of your firm, leading the way and managing action, strategic marketing, tactical marketing, people (talent, teams and tomorrow’s leaders)and change management.

It also contains real case studies from a number of large, medium and small property partnerships around the UK – surveyors, estate agents and architects. So your New Year’s Resolution – if you don’t already have one – would be to put in an order for a copy!

Now I’m off for my belated New Year celebrations and for a glass or two to make up for that non stop writing over the past week…