Legal marketing case study – Thought leadership campaigns at Howard Kennedy (relationship breakdown and business agility)

I keep an eye out for examples of great marketing campaigns by professional service firms as I use case studies in my training workshops. So here’s a legal marketing case study – Thought leadership campaigns at Howard Kennedy (relationship breakdown and business agility).

Relationship breakdown and the workplace

Relationship breakdown and the workplace (

This study (a roundtable in 2019 and YouGov surveys in 2019 and 2020) focused on how personal relationship difficulties affect work/productivity amongst high earners. So it appeals both to the employers (promoting employment expertise) and high net worth individuals (promoting family law services).

An innovative survey was conducted into 500 high-flyers with a household income of more than £100K. Key results included:

  • 69% of higher earners encountered significant relationship issues in their current or a similar role – compared to 20% within Great Britain as a whole
  • Very few would tell their employer despite 71% thinking it has a major impact on productivity and performance
  • More than a third (36%) did nothing to resolve their relationship issues
  • There were totally disparate views on whether employers have a role to play or a right to know about problems at home

The research report looks at the results in detail and explores the potential role of employers. It was produced in conjunction with Soulmates Academy, Marriage Foundation and Relationships Foundation.

Home Page – Soulmates Academy Foundation

Home – Marriage Foundation

Home – Relationships Foundation

The drivers of agility for businesses in a post-Covid-19 environment

Businesses look to agility to secure their post-COVID-19 future (

The drivers of agility for business in a post-COVID-19 environment (

Based on a programme of research – a survey in September 2020 carried out by Censuswide following up on a pre-Covid survey undertaken on the firm’s behalf by YouGov. It covered companies across many sectors including media/marketing/advertising, hospitality & leisure, construction, retail, financial services/accountancy and real estate.

The research found that over a third of businesses would prioritise one of the following areas for investment: technology, increased sales and the introduction of new products and services. The report also considers different sources of funding and the changing mindset of businesses. It includes five takeaways as advice for businesses looking to increase their agility.

There are two case studies drawn from the firm’s clients: Kidadl (family entertainment web site) and Patty&Bun (burger restaurants).

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