I have just published a short article on this topic for Delia Venables’ Internet Newsletter for Lawyers. They key points covered include:

Recruiting your own marketing person

  • Existing active programme of activities?
  • Level of involvement of partners/lawyers?
  • Generalist or specialist?
  • Tactical or strategist?
  • Detailed job description?
  • How will you measure their effectiveness?
  • What sort of person do you want? (qualifications?)
  • Do they need experience of working in a partnership?
  • Sector experience and contacts?
  • Predominantly Internet campaigns?
  • Selection process?
  • Supervision and management?
  • Systems, information and other resources?
  • Level of marketing sophistication at your firm?

Using an external consultancy

  • Full service agencies or specialist?
  • Commercial or consumer clients or both?
  • Existing plan and objectives?
  • Campaigns identified?
  • Strategy or hands-on?
  • Traditional or online?
  • Front line with lawyers and clients or back room support?
  • Marketing or selling?
  • Profile, new business or relationship development?
  • Training and coaching required?
  • Supervision and management?
  • Assessment of effectiveness?

The full article is available here: http://www.infolaw.co.uk/newsletter/index.asp?p=332