Well, after conceiving the original idea back in June 2007 – just after the book I co-wrote with Graham Norwood on media relations was published – my latest book “Growing your property partnership – Plans, promotion and people” has finally arrived.

Few people know how much hassle it is to write a book. There’s the development of the idea, market research, persuading the publishers, identifying contributors – and then the writing starts. A minimum of a 1,000 words a day til I reached the target of 132,000. And I sacrificed my New Year’s Eve celebrations this year to ensure that I submitted the manuscript on time for the 31 December 2008 deadline. And then six months of editing, checking, proof reading and marketing.

I have to admit that after starting this project back in June 2007, I stopped in the Autumn of that year as I could see the property market problems on the horizon. Lucky that the publishers at EG Books supported me in my decision to postpone the book’s writing so that its launch takes place in June 2009 rather than the original plan of June 2008!

Thanks to all those who supported and helped me – they are listed in the dedication and the acknowledgements section of the book.