Last night I was invited by around 30 agency and professional folk from one of my property clients to deliver a short training session on “Perfect Pitches”. Whilst I was nervous about the snow and trains to Sussex, they were fine and turns out I should have been more worried about a naughty USB to graphics cable which refused to work! Unintended lesson one – don’t rely on technology! Lol.

Anyway, we covered a lot of ground during a short space of time and the discussion and feedback were all very positive. Congratulations to the winner of the prize for identifying 42 hints and tips during the session.

Here are the main “takeaway” points on achieving perfect pitches for property people that were reflected back to me afterwards:

  • Preparation
    • Develop relationships in a structured way to avert the need for competitive pitches
    • Organise the team and plan the time
    • Devote time to research – the people, the markets, the sector and the issues
    • Think about broader research into client needs from property advisers


  • People
    • Consider your first impression
    • Use non-verbal communication to read people and adapt your behaviour
    • Develop empathy to see the client’s point of view
    • Recognise that decision making isn’t entirely rational
    • Keep it personal and positive


  • Positioning
    • Consider what the competition will be saying
    • Think outside the box
    • Develop a compelling and unique value proposition
    • Be clear in your messaging


  • Presenting & Performing
    • Focus on the target’s needs and interests
    • Stories allow you to make a connection
    • Less is more
    • Show don’t tell
    • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


  • Producing interaction and results
    • Dialogue is better than a lecture
    • Use creative handouts for structure and discussion
    • Remember the difference between features and benefits