I am immensely grateful for another lovely review of my fourth book “Rainmakers and Trailblazers – Step by step business development for lawyers” – this time from Geoffrey Lander.

“If there was a Hall of Fame for business development gurus then Kim Tasso would be a first ballot certainty, for both her technical virtuosity and her intensely and easily readable do-it-yourself guides.  Does Rainmakers and Trailblazers maintain the high standards of her previous books?  No, it does not. It sets new ones.  So don’t miss it.

I have had the benefit not only of reading most (and maybe all) of Kim Tasso’s books (and trying to implement her advice where relevant) but also working with her. Some of her advice is obvious (those are the few bits I already knew) whilst lots more is manna from heaven.  Technical “Know How” books can be heavy to read and hard going but Kim has a light touch, takes immense care of the detail moulded with high quality prose.

I don’t keep many books close to hand but this will be one of them”.

I first worked with Geoffrey Lander when he was head of real estate at Nabarro Nathanson http://www.nabarro.com/home/. After 30 years as a solicitor, he took a position as Non Executive Chairman of Stonemartin Plc, He is a past President of the British Council for Offices (BCO) http://www.bco.org.uk/.

He is currently a NED of Plato Estates Limited, Non Executive Chairman (Strategic Development Group) of OCS Group UK Limited, Strategic Adviser to Hamsen Tilney Shane and NED of i2 Office Limited. He is also Non Executive Chairman of Irwin Mitchell in London.