One of my recent social media training workshop delegates (who was employed at a law firm at the time) liked Hootsuite so much that after evaluating it for his firm that he took a job there!

Hootsuite (like Tweetdeck) allows you to manage all of your social networks through one dashboard designed for you to listen, engage and measure everything (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ company pages, Foursquare, Myspace etc). It’s been going for four years and has 6m users..

He called me recently to run through the latest developments in the enterprise solution (engage, collaborate, security, analytics) which included:

  • Define and view 20 tabs
  • Set permissions on different user profiles, teams and platforms
  • Accountability trail through an archive
  • Approvals before posting tweets and posts
  • Integrated composition tool
  • Third party integration
  • Link to Google Analytics and custom analytics reports
  • Vanity link shorteners
  • Basic sentiment analysis
  • Assignment of responsibility for responses and replies to individuals
  • Ability to add tags to all posts
  • Scheduling and bulk uploader
  • LinkedIn targeting

Further information – there are free and Pro versions for entry level users

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