On 23rd April, in conjunction with Tim Prizeman of Kelso PR, I participated in a webinar on “Emergency marketing for accountants – launching services and gaining clients during the crisis and recovery”. My 17 minute segment focused on marketing strategy for accountants and tax advisors – but the principles are the same for law firms and surveying practices.

My segment (shown in the video above) covers the following areas:

  1.  Three common mistakes in accountants and tax advisors marketing
  2.  The difference between marketing and selling
  3.  A definition of great marketing
  4.  A simple strategic process (see marketing planning in a nutshell for other approaches)
  5.  Thoughts on setting measurable goals
  6.  Ideas on researching segments and niches and positioning your firm (see an introduction to segmentation and personas)
  7.  Identifying an insight or need in your segment
  8.  Articulating and communicating your value proposition
  9.  Ideas on differentiating – how to stand out from the crowd
  10.  How marketing and selling can integrate effectively
  11.  The 10 stages in developing a communications strategy (see 10 steps to creating a campaign)
  12.  An illustration of a campaign plan

Throughout the session I mention examples of great campaigns that I had seen from accountants and tax advisors. Some focus on a particular segment, some provide tailored information and services and some focus on alternative and counter-intuitive insights.

If you are interested in what Tim has to say about personas, insight and communications tactics, you can see the full video (or podcast) on the Kelso PR site

You may also find it helpful to consider introducing the marketing planning process to a professional services firm 

And there’s a summary of a recent talk at the North London branch of the Chartered Institute of Taxation if your interest remains in selling accountancy services.

If you’d like to know more about me, my clients and my services please check out the introducing Kim Tasso video