Whilst walking to the train station the other day, listening to the Nick Ferrari show on LBC radio my attention was grabbed by an advert by accountants. Well, tax accountants to be precise. And their compelling message was to those who invest in property – Capital allowances on the radio!

Lovell Consulting – http://www.lovellconsulting.com/ – is a small firm (eight fee-earners) who specialise in property tax and capital allowances.

Upon further investigation I find that Lovell is active with other advertising campaigns – there’s “Howzat – Save tax on property expenditure” and “Don’t be weighed down by property tax” campaigns in the leading property magazine Estates Gazette. And there are some rather neat online banner adverts stating “Tax can be a bombshell on your property investment” and a cute moving graphic with a nod to the old amusement arcade game of Space Invaders.

I’d be interested to know the cost of a campaign on LBC – they seem awful shy about publishing their rate cards.

Who said that tax accountants couldn’t be creative and bold?