System review: CogniClick for instant, personalised research reports using AI

CogniClick is a nifty system (backed by an expert team) to enable you to conduct fast, quick polls and pulse surveys amongst your clients and stakeholders and to also develop maturity assessments and similar thought leadership content. It has the potential to transform client communications, fast-track the generation of research and thought leadership and fuel content management campaigns. Another valuable AI-powered tool for the MarTech armoury. So here’s a brief system review: CogniClick for instant, personalised research reports using AI.

I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Kensett at the recent PM Forum Conference. But I had previously read her excellent sales book “Sales Mind: 48 tools to help you sell” a while ago (I aim to publish a summary review shortly). And we subsequently had a conversation about CogniClick.

What CogniClick does

CogniClick uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drive industry insights research to prompt engagement and produce valuable content for thought leadership (e.g. White Papers) for lead generation.

The intuitive and easy-to-use system enables you to create attractive polls, assessments or similar content formats with best practice that today’s short attention spans are around 3 – 20 questions. It integrates with most CRM and email automation systems.

It then provides instant personalised feedback to those who respond allowing them to sign-up to receive a peer comparison benchmark report, assessment score and/or personalised reports. Both incorporate further CTAs (Calls to Action) to continue the dialogue.

As well as sending each participant a personalised report, the CogniClick platform will automatically create a White Paper version and provide evergreen industry thought-leadership content. 

So the system facilitates fast, regular research amongst your targets, clients and referrers. Providing automated personalised reports to encourage engagement and quality content to use in communications campaigns.

The system has the potential to revolutionise and reduce the cost of thought leadership research projects. It’s a significant development from traditional survey tools such as SurveyMonkey: The World’s Most Popular Free Online Survey Tool and Survey Solution & Feedback Platform | Questback.

Cogniclick Future of Banking

CogniClick campaign examples 

The system was developed for use in the technology sector but is now being promoted into professional services firms.

The FT: Future of banking

The Future of Banking: A Live Global Benchmark 

Personalised report: The Future of Banking – FT 

White Paper report: The Future of Banking – FT 

Cap Gemini 

Future of work: A live benchmark

Personalised report: Future of work 

The survey is used both for top of funnel marketing and Key Account Management (KAM) engagement.

Blick Rothenberg: Annual Landlords survey – Spotlight on EPC

Compare yourself live with your industry peers 

Personalised report: EPC Survey Report

Impact of AI on B2B

The impact of AI on B2B 


Arrow: Cybersecurity spot check 2023


Cogniclick can be used for assessment and evaluation to support consulting and sales conversations.

Video can be added to the start page which adds more energy like this The Wellbeing Progress Index to benchmark your approach to employee wellbeing against 14 evidence-based questions covering company policies, employee benefits, leadership and communications: The Wellbeing Index

The CogniClick team will work with you to create the content and the perfect plan for you that helps you stand out and convert your audience, prices range from £10,000 – £30,000 per annum as the expert service comes with the technology for maximum success. 

There’s also a dashboard facility to show how your campaign performs.  

Further information: Industry-Insights-AI (

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