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Business development writing for lawyers – 13 top tips for writing for impact

Academic writing. Technical writing. Professional writing. Lawyers are generally good writers. But business development writing by lawyers? That’s a different can of worms. I recently ran some workshops on business development writing for lawyers – providing guidance and coaching on how to achieve impact and response. We considered a variety Read More

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Book review: Understanding Digital Marketing – Marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation by Damian Ryan Third Edition (Kogan Page)

I’ve just submitted a review of this book to Professional Marketing magazine - which will be published in early 2016. I reviewed the original version of "Understanding digital marketing" in June 2011 (see This third edition, written at the start of 2014 and published in 2015, is a 100 pages Read More

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Hubspot’s guide on 15 business blogging mistakes

Hubspot is a source of excellent material on most digital marketing topics and this guide is no different – it is available from: - although there were a couple of the 15 points which appeared to duplicate information. One of the most valuable elements of the ebook is the statistics: Read More

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