The EAST framework for behavioural nudges in marketing (Change management)

The EAST framework was developed by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) in 2012 to help policy makers promote change. BIT is the world’s first Government institution dedicated to the application of behavioural sciences. It helps you apply behavioural science to increase the likelihood of your proposed behaviour change being effective. How might we use the EAST framework for behavioural nudges in marketing? (Change management).

To change behaviour the intervention must be:

EASY – If a decision requires minimal effort, it’s more likely to be the one that’s chosen.

ATTRACTIVE – If something is attractive, we will be drawn to it.

  • Use bold colours and professional images
  • If it captures attention, we are more likely to engage
  • We are drawn to financial rewards or other incentives (e.g. responses to the electoral roll increased by 2% when a £5k and £10k lottery element was introduced in reminder letters)

SOCIAL – We are social beings – we care about what our peers are doing, and what they think of us.

  • Show that most people perform the desired behaviour – use social proof to highlight and reinforce participation (see more on Cialdini’s six drivers of persuasion Influence – Cialdini’s six principles of the psychology of persuasion (
  • Use the power of networks – peer relationships are important to us, both in person and online
  • Encourage people to make a commitment – we voluntarily ‘lock ourselves’ into doing something in advance

TIMELY – The time that you choose to prompt or ‘nudge’ someone towards a desired behaviour is vitally important.

  • Prompt people when they’re most likely to be receptive – behaviour is easier to change when habits are already disrupted
  • Consider the immediate costs and benefits – we’re more influenced by those that take effect immediately
  • Help people plan their response to events – identify the barriers to action and develop a plan to address them

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Four Simple Ways to Apply EAST Framework to Behavioural Insights | The Behavioural Insights Team (

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