Earlier today I ran a sold out half day “Marketing and business development writing workshop”    http://www.pmforum.co.uk/training/ in London with participants from across the professions in the UK.

As always, I asked the delegates to tell me the most useful idea that they picked up during the session and here are their views:

  1. Plan – Take time to plan what you will write (and why and for who) and allocate enough time for editing and refining
  2. Change your process – Rather than plan using logical and sequential methods, use other techniques like mind-mapping to prompt your creativity
  3. Empathy – Get into the mind and under the skin of your audience. Ideally think of a specific person that might read what you are writing
  4. Show don’t tell – Rather than say “we are innovative” actually provide an example, anecdote or evidence that really demonstrates your innovation
  5. Storytelling – Share a (human) story with which readers can connect
  6. Engage – Find ways to really engage with the audience, consider what’s important to them
  7. So what? – Explore why each idea might be important to the reader, what’s in it for them?
  8. Segmentation – Breaking down your audience is just as important for internal communications as for external messages
  9. Scarcity – These and the other core principles of persuasion should be used
  10. Voice – Identify three or four key characteristics of your firm’s brand and blend this appropriately with three or four key characteristics of the individual author (BrandMe) to add personality and an authentic voice
  11. Less is more – The ability to be concise yet engaging and persuasive is key

One of the interesting questions was “which professional service firms demonstrate the best writing skills?” A quick review identified the following:


Lewis Silkin http://www.lewissilkin.com/

Mishcon de Reya http://www.mishcon.com/

Osborne Clarke http://www.osborneclarke.com/

Withers http://www.withersworldwide.com/ 


EY http://www.ey.com/

Grant Thornton http://www.grantthornton.com/

Haines Watts http://www.hwca.com/

Smith & Williamson https://www.smith.williamson.co.uk/ 


Douglas and Gordon http://www.douglasandgordon.com/

GVA http://www.gva.co.uk/

JLL http://www.jll.co.uk/united-kingdom/en-gb/

Winkworth http://www.winkworth.co.uk/

But who do YOU think writes really well? Please share your views and I’ll add them to the list kim@kimtasso.com