I don’t often share my coaching success stories – but recent results have been astonishing. I’ve had to change the details a little to protect confidentiality, but here are a selection:

Property director back in the game

An MBA qualified director in the property sector had a serious illness which required a break from work. His confidence was shaken and numerous job applications had been unsuccessful. Motivation was running low and so were funds. After just two sessions, he had much more focus on the roles and organisations of interest and was better prepared for the interviewing process (we practiced the STAR approach). He landed a fantastic short term contract that got him right back on track. We’re now working on a suitable permanent role.

Lawyer personal and business interests align

A successful and expert lawyer had got into a bit of a rut. He needed to grow his practice further but wasn’t comfortable with some of the business development methods being advocated. So after just one session, we identified his personal passions and created a strategy (that included social media) that aligned them with his business strengths. A cracking business development plan, some enthusiastic activity and numerous new conversations with high potential prospects quickly ensued.

Entrepreneur sees the light

This mature businessman had a string of business successes under his belt and had great ideas about a final big new venture. He had various people running strands of the strategy across the globe – and interest from a variety of well-known organisations. After a series of structured discussions (albeit sometimes a little frustrating for both of us) – often using Skype as he travelled – he finally had a break-through in terms of the best strategy to articulate the value proposition, the right channels to market and the best sales approach.

Young fee-earners get out there and win clients

An out of town firm had a clutch of young fee-earners with high potential but a lack of clarity about where to focus their attention and exactly what to do. We had a series of conversations to explore their current markets, assess their strengths and preferences and set out their future aspirations. They were then able to create pragmatic and realistic plans that they felt comfortable implementing straight away. This they did with the help of their energetic in-house marketing team.

Partner takes her practice to a new home

This partner asked for help after receiving some strategic advice elsewhere which she wasn’t sure about. We went back to basics, looked at her financial history and forecasts as well as her personal financial and career goals. We built a simple financial model to allow different scenarios to be run. Then we did some analysis of clients and work and sorted out the positioning and messaging. We crafted an innovative deal, made some approaches and she and her small team joined a larger practice and are now going from strength to strength.

Please let me know if you are interested in performance coaching for yourself or your team. Further details and case studies are here: http://kimtasso.com/consultancy/coaching-and-mentoring/ Sessions can be tailored depending on whether the issue is primarily strategic, business development or skills and confidence. kim@kimtasso.com