Lonely at (or on the way to) the top? Coaching solutions

During the summer, things calm down a little and we find time to focus on our self-development. Coaching is a powerful and effective way to do this. Increasingly, professional firms are training their people with coaching skills. So I’d like to alert you to a special offer on coaching sessions for the next few months. And to share some resources if you are looking to develop your coaching knowledge and/or skills. Lonely at (or on the way to) the top? Coaching solutions.

Special offer on coaching

During July and August I am offering personal coaching sessions (either online or at a central London location) at a reduced rate. From my coaching practice, I’ve identified five areas of current interest (my 5S© model):

  • Stress-test (Scrutiny and challenge of aims, plans and activities)
  • Stretch (Extending aims and plans – including career progression)
  • Sounding Board (Exploring current ideas and issues)
  • Skills (Focused development of new skills)
  • Selling (Enhancing business development and relationship management)

Clients indicate that there may also be demand for Team Coaching Sessions. This involves up to four coaching sessions over a month where individuals or groups within your team can book from 30 to 60 minutes.

You can read more about Coaching and Mentoring services from Kim Tasso management consultant. Please call (07831 687882) if you’d like to talk about your ideas and requirements.

Coaching resources

For those looking to extend their coaching skills, I offer the following resources:

Recent research on essential soft skills for lawyers (2020) revealed the importance of coaching (see Book launch: Essential soft skills for lawyers – some research findings). Since then, many have indicated an increased demand for coaching in hybrid working environments.

I’ve just reviewed this book which is acknowledged as one of the great books on coaching: Book review: Coaching skills: A handbook by Jenny Rogers.

A short video on soft skills: Introduction to coaching – Three frameworks. (The video transcript of introduction to coaching lists introductory and key coaching books).

Don’t jump to conclusions – Coaching and Consulting skills A coaching skills workshop in February explored expectations, relationships, listening, goals and implementation.

Coaching and consulting skills for M&BD workshop (November 2021) Highlights from a coaching skills workshop at the end of 2021.

Helping people change: Coaching with compassion This remains one of my favourite coaching books with its emphasis on Intentional Change Theory (ICT).

Coaching models – book review of Stephen Gibson’s book Over 70 coaching tools are explained in this book. And a list of other coaching books.

Your personal transition – Endings, neutral zone and new beginnings  This is one of my favourite books to support you on your personal change journey. You might also like this short video on the emotions experienced during change. Or a video on resilience.

Book review: The psychology of successful women by Shona Rowan This new book covers 10 themes that the author encounters most often in her performance coaching work: confidence, personal branding, imposter syndrome, business relationships, perfectionism, assertiveness, public speaking, influence, career changes and resilience.